Album # 6

I’m doing the final mixes for our 6th album this week. Mastering on the 19th. We’re all really looking forward to sharing these new songs and recordings with the world. We’re thinking of having this be our self-titled album: Dolly Varden. We decided to push the official worldwide¬† release of the album back to January, 2013, so we could properly promote it. BUT, we will be having a big celebration concert in October at SPACE and we will have copies of the CD’s for sale at that show. It won’t be available any other way (digital download or mail order) until January – so if you want a copy before the end of the year you gotta come to the show! The show will be at SPACE in Evanston on Saturday, October 6th, with the great Nora O’Connor playing the first set. Advance tickets go on sale Saturday, July 14 at 11am. We think this one will sell out, so advance tickets are highly recommended!